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Pet Odor and Urine Removal

How to Easily Remove Pet Stains

4 Easy Steps To Remove Pet Odor 

1.   If you see it happen remove the urine NOW. The longer you wait the harder it is to remove.

2.  Get a wet vacuum or a small carpet spotting machine and remove all the urine you can.

3.  Use proper cleaning solution after the urine has been removed.

4.  Rinse the spot with plain water make sure you use enough water to cover the urine from the pad also so this may be up to a gallon of water on your carpet.

How Your Pet Odor Problems Can Be Professional Solved

We can perform from one to three step procedure for combating pet odor.

1.  Odor neutralizing  is used for minor odor problems with normal cleaning of some urine stains.

    2.  Using the water claw sub-surface extractor actually pulls urine from the padding of the carpet. (see  picture below)
   3.  Replace the pad, treating the carpet face, and the floor underneath possibly using kilz to cover up the urine stain will eliminate the problem only if  there is no more pets in the home.
This illustration demonstrates the water claw procedure. First, we pour a special odor neutralizing agent on the carpet.  Next, we extract the agent with the claw.
Pet urine removal